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NetEnt Closes the Door on the Flash Era

In recent times, software developers have been stepping away from Flash, instead choosing to make their games available in HTML5.

Not all developers do this, but most will at least offer HTML5 with their new games. Many have said that this marks the end of the era of Flash, and this is clearly a school of thought that NetEnt buys into, as they are in the process of converting their entire back catalogue into HTML5.

Dwindling support

Flash has been losing support from the tech world for a while, with many big-name browser suppliers no longer supporting the technology, which means that in order to play casino games on many browsers, HTML5 has to be available, which is likely to have been a big factor in NetEnt’s decision.

HTLM5 offers better graphics and animations, as well as crisper sound, so it’s no surprise that the iGaming world, and the larger technological community, is making a heavy shift away from Flash.

Exciting time

Speaking of the change, NetEnt’s Chief Product Officer, Henrik Fagerlund, said:

“This is an exciting time as we expand our technological reach and it is crucial we are able to give players the chance to keep playing their favourite games. We just recently released upgrades for four of our classic titles: Dracula, Jackpot 6000, Excalibur, Spellcast.

“Given the growth of mobile gaming, we have to continue establishing ourselves as an industry leader by making these advancements and moving with the times.”

As well as these slots, NetEnt have also upgraded various table and video poker games, with Baccarat and more expected to be converted very soon.

We can expect to see more big companies making the full transition in the near future, as Flash swiftly becomes a relic of the past.