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UK Gambling Statistics and Attitudes

The UK online casino market is one of the most prominent in the world, we just seem to love playing.

Since 2014, the gambling commission have been carrying out surveys every year and have this week released their findings for 2017. They have looked in perception and attitudes towards online gambling as a whole. They have also looked in problem gambling estimations, online gambling behaviours, customer awareness, management methods and overall attitudes towards gambling.


It makes for an interesting read. But as with all surveys completed in any field they’re never 100% accurate of a populations view. This is because only a particular type of person tends to participate in surveys. Nevertheless, the information is there to help and to be informative which is never a bad thing.

Check out the UK gambling statistic below:

  • 45% of people have gambled in the past four weeks (including National Lottery play) (48% in year to December 2016)
  • 18% of people have gambled online in the past four weeks (17% in year to December 2016)
  • 1% of people who have gambled, have played on machines in a bookmakers in the past four weeks (1% in year to December 2016)
  • 8% of all respondents identified as problem gamblers, and 3.9% identified as at-risk gamblers.
  • 51% of online gamblers did so using a mobile phone or tablet (43% in year to December 2016)
  • On average, online gamblers held 4 accounts each (3 in year to December 2016 and 4 in year to December 2015)
  • 6% of gamblers have ever self-excluded (6% in year to December 2016)
  • 26% of gamblers follow gambling companies on social media (32% in year to December 2016)
  • 33% of people think gambling is fair and can be trusted (34% in year to December 2016)
  • 41% of people think that gambling is associated with crime (39% in year to December 2016)

What do you think to the above findings and are they inline with what you think?