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Pennsylvania and Online Gambling

In 2017, Pennsylvania became the fourth state in the USA to legalise online gambling. But hold your horses, this isn’t in place yet. What has happened so far is that the bill has been signed and passed by Governor Tom Wolf.

Pennsylvania and Online Gambling

When Will This Happen?

Officially, on October 26, 2017, the House passed a bill that will legalise online gambling. The Governor Tom Wolf signed that bill into law on October 30, 2017

The date when you can actually gamble online will be later this year in 2018. Legislation is currently in the process of being completely officiated. The legal system in most countries especially in the USA and UK is a slow and long winded process.

In short, here’s what happens. A suggestion for a new law or law change is made internally by politicians or via pressure from the public. Then it becomes a topic scheduled in to be spoken about within office. From there it’s decided if it should be a possible law and governors have to decide on this, think of this as a draft or preliminary stage. Once the future possible law has been passed and approved by office then it will be turned into a bill. At this point the bill has to be approved and signed before it can become law. Once this has happened a future date will be set for the legislation to be drawn up and the law to be implemented. This is where we currently are, online gambling has been legalised, it just hasn’t been implemented yet.

Online Gambling in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has allowed a number of products to be included.

These are:

  • Casino games (i.e. slot games)
  • Pennsylvania Lottery
  • Horse Racing
  • Bingo
  • Small games of chance (run by non profit organisations)

We will keep you posted on future updates and developments, just don’t expect this to be a quick process.