What Is A Casino Cash Back Bonus?

Casinos, both online and offline are experts in attracting and keeping players. They use a vast range of different bonuses, promotions and other enticing offers as a source of being attractive to players. One of the most lucrative tools casino sites use to both lure new players and keep existing ones is the casino cash back bonus.

Also known as the rebate, a casino cash back bonus essentially refers to an amount of money given back to a player on either losses that have been incurred or wagers, which have been made whilst playing various games.

For example, one particular casino site may promote a cash back bonus of 15 percent on any losses that are occurred when players play a specific slot game. Therefore if a player was to put and lose £1,000 on that game of slots, they would be entitled to a £150 reimbursement – not bad for losing!

What makes cash back bonuses different?

We have to admit that cash back bonuses are not that common. In fact they are a decidedly rare feature of online casinos. They are typically reserved for VIP players who have earned high statuses in loyalty programs.

Unlike many other bonus features, cash back bonuses get deposited directly into the account of the player instead of being put into a temporary account designated specifically for bonuses. The money is then available to draw out and spend immediately rather than having to wait until it is rolled over. What’s more, unlike many bonuses, the cash back bonus does not require the player to contact the customer services department of a site as the bonus is usually awarded automatically to the lucky player.

What are the different types of cash back bonuses available online?

There are effectively two main types of online cash back bonuses – one that is centred on Net Losses and another that is focussed on Wagers.

Net Losses Cash Back Bonus

As its name suggests with this specific cash back bonus a player is given a specified percentage of money back on any net losses that they may have incurred during a game or specific time frame. The bonus will be paid directly either at the end of the game or at the end of the specified time.

Wager Cash Back Bonuses

Cash back bonuses that are based on wagers are even less common that net loss ones. These bonuses are based on the gross amounts that a player has wagered. For example, if a site offered a 15% cash back bonus on gross wagers and a player placed £1,000 on a certain game or a specific amount of time, they would then be awarded the wager cash back bonus.

Whilst cash back bonuses are a fairly uncommon feature of online casino sites, they do exist and if you find yourself in the privileged position of being given a cash back bonus, enjoy it as it will not come with the wagering requirements we all dread!

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