What Are Slot Multipliers?

Contemporary slot games are full of special features and bonuses that have the potential to boost players’ winnings. Multipliers are one of these factors and are extremely popular among players.

What do multipliers do?

As you have probably surmised from the name, multipliers can multiply your winnings to increase payouts by double, triple or even more. For example, if a winning combination pays out 100 coins then a 2x multiplier will change the amount you receive to 200 coins. In most games multipliers are somewhere between 2x and 25x but you will occasionally find other slots offering more generous multipliers. Obviously players find multipliers attractive as they can significantly boost funds and turn even modest wins into decent payouts.

Where to find multipliers

You won’t come across multipliers in every game but they are a very common feature used in modern slots. Different slot games use multipliers in different ways. In some games you’ll find multipliers in the base game, often in the form of the wild symbol. However, more often than not multipliers are saved for bonus features and are widely used as an extra incentive to trigger free spins rounds. Most developers aim for the free spins feature to have a slightly changed feel with plenty of added excitement as this sets them apart from the base game. Multipliers are one way in which this can be achieved.

How to recognise multipliers

In the case of free spins you’ll probably be made aware at the beginning of the round that all spins are subject to a particular multiplier. In many cases, players are asked to take part in a picking game where they need to choose between several items at the start of the round to determine what level of multiplier will be revealed. This type of game usually affords players the opportunity to chance upon a large value multiplier and scoop plenty in the way of payouts. In other games the multiplier will be one of the symbols on the reels and when it appears you’ll have your winnings multiplied by the amount shown. Slot developers know that multipliers are attractive to players so they make sure that it’s obvious when they’re being applied and how much extra credit is being gained from them.

While multipliers do not increase your chances of landing a winning combination, they do have a positive impact on the amount of cash you receive in return. Most, if not all, contemporary slot enthusiasts are happy to see multipliers appear on their screens as they know that their funds will be boosted more than usual when they land a win.