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Responsible Gambling

New online casinos are launching every week and playing your favourite casino games online is becoming a more and more popular way of enjoying leisure time. However, it’s vital that online casinos provide the appropriate and correct information to its players on how to ensure they’re gambling responsibly and staying within their limits. So how do they do this?

No Under 18s

In the UK, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to gamble and that includes online. Online casinos have a responsibility to ensure no players under 18 access their site and they do this by checking identity at registration and will often ask players to provide further proof of their age if their age is in doubt, blocking access to their account until sufficient proof is provided.

Parents can also help ensure under 18s aren’t accessing online casinos by setting parental controls on their home internet and by having internet filters that would stop access to any sites unsuitable for any minors.

Set your own limits

The majority of people using online casinos will do so sensibly and within their budget. There are extra ways in which you can ensure you never spend too much or even lose too much when playing online casino games. Online casinos allow players to set deposit limits and loss limits.

Deposit limit

A deposit limit will place a cap on the amount of money you can deposit on a site with a set time. You could set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits so you can feel safe in the knowledge you’ll never spend more than what you can afford to lose. Once you reach your deposit limit, you won’t be able to credit your account any more until the following day / week / month, dependant on what you’ve set up.

Loss Limit

Loss limits are slightly different in that instead of capping the amount you spend, it limits the amount you can lose. This is a great way of helping players gamble responsibly as it stops them chasing their losses or potentially winning big, then blowing the lot again straight after.

As well as overall loss limited, many online casinos allow you to set loss limits on specific games or types of games. So if for example, you tend to chase losses on slot games but gamble responsibly when playing poker, you could set a loss limit specifically for slots.

Self excluding / banning yourself

If you feel you’re no longer gambling in a responsible manner, you can choose to self exclude yourself from specific sites or even specific types of games. Self exclusion periods are normally a minimum of six months and it’s also recommended you unfollow that site on any social media accounts too.

If you choose to self exclude from a specific type of game, it’s recommended you self exclude from those games on all sites where you hold accounts.

Family and Friends

While the majority of players enjoy online casinos for fun, if you’re concerned you’re not gambling responsibly, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have family and friends commented on how much and how often you’re gambling?
  • Do you regularly chase your losses
  • Do you overspend when playing in online casinos?
  • Have you spent money set aside for other expenses, in order to play online?
  • Have you taken days off work or not kept plans in order to gamble online?
  • Have you lost interest in other activities you previously enjoyed, in order to gamble online?
  • Have you lied about how much time or money you’re spending gambling?
  • Has gambling made you feel depressed or suicidal?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you might want to re-assess your online gambling habits. You can also seek help from any of the following organisations

Help and support

Gamblers Anonymous

This is probably one of the better known organisations that offer help and advice from real men and women with first-hand experience of gambling addiction.

GameCare 0808 8020 133 or

This organisation offers advice, information and free counselling where appropriate. There are chat rooms, forums and a support line

Gamble Aware

This is an organisation aimed at all types of gambling whether it’s online, sports betting, bingo or slots, and offers advice and support on how to gamble responsibly. You may have even seen their logo on casino sites.

You should never gamble as a way of earning money and should never gamble with more than you can afford – or afford to lose. Gamble responsibly and enjoy online casino sites as a fun leisure time.