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GLI Tested Casino Sites

GLI is an acronym that stands for Gaming Laboratories International. This is an organisation that works with online gaming companies throughout the world to help reassure players over safety and fair play. All casino sites requesting to be certified by GLI are thoroughly inspected and tested in a number of areas before they are given the organisation’s seal of approval. Once a site is successful in being certified it still has to adhere to GLI’s high standards for customer safety.

Two of the most important factors for most people when choosing an online casino are fairness of play and safety of personal data. The sheer number of online gaming sites out there can prove pretty daunting when looking for somewhere new to play but you can narrow down your search by checking that sites are GLI certified.

How does GLI Certification benefit players?

When you see the GLI logo on an online casino it means the site has agreed to uphold the guidelines laid out by GLI. Certified casinos use GLI’s Random Number Generator (RNG) software to ensure that every time a game is played a random outcome is achieved. This means that you can be sure a GLI certified site only offers games that are fair. GLI certified sites are also safe to use as players’ personal data and banking details must be stored securely.

Reputable Casino Sites

Wherever you see the GLI certification you can be sure that the site you are on is reputable, fair and securely stores customers’ details. So when checking out new sites to play, one of the first things you should look for is the GLI logo. If the logo is present you can be sure that you won’t be ripped off and that your personal and banking details will be safe.