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Weekly Casino Races At Video Slots

Posted Wednesday July 19th, 2017 by Andrew Mills in Posts

Casino races are a popular choice of promotion in the modern casino market. Tournaments that see playing a particular slot giving you the chance to pick up cash prizes and more.

The random nature of slot games make these tournaments tempting to some, but less attractive to others, because a player spinning the reels for the first time is a likely to win as a seasoned veteran.

One of the online casinos currently running casino races is Video Slots, who aren’t just running your average races, these are £60,000 prize pool weekly races!

Weekly Casino Races At Video Slots

A different kind of race

Instead of the usual random chance to win prizes by trying to achieve the highest score, you will pick up points here depending on how much you bet per spin, broken down as follows:

£0.20 – 1 point

£0.40 – 2 points

£0.60 – 3 points

£0.80 – 4 points

£1.00 – 5 points

£1.50 – 6 points

£2.00 + – 8 points

Keep wagering and spinning the reels of your favourite slot (you can choose any, and there’s lots to choose from here!) and if you find yourself into the top 6,590 places, you’ll win yourself a cash prize.

Weekly Casino Races At Video Slots


All cash prizes are real money prizes and they will be paid into your account on the Monday, so play all the slots you can during the week, and you’ll find a nice cash prize come your way on the Monday!

The top prize every week is £500 cash, with £350 for second place, £300 for third, £280 for fourth, £250 for fifth and so on, the prizes stay in the hundreds for a few places so if you play a decent number of slots during the week, especially if you bet £2 or up, you have a chance of picking up some nice prizes in the Reel Races!